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12-slot vme sun-3 160s

Consult the listings for the individual boards.
MXI works like an embedded computer, using a malta poker festival direct hardware memory-map to eliminate software overhead between your computer and the VXIbus or VMEbus.
Note that MIP/GIP ratings for later models are nettikasino pieni kierrätys even more suspicious than usual for benchmarks.
The boot command is of the form "b dd(x,y,z) args" where "dd" is a device string, "x" is the controller number, "y" is the unit number?This board is a Multibus bus master, so its relative slot number determines its priority (slot 1 is the highest).100 Processor(s 68000 @ 10MHz Bus: Multibus, serial Notes: Uses a design similar to original SUN (Stanford University Network) CPU.Pins 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 are always jumped.Type 3 keyboard plugs into the CPU; Sun-3 mouse plugs into the keyboard.Upgradeable to a 4/280 by replacing the CPU board.4/280 Processor(s SF9010 @.67MHz, Weitek 1164/1165, Sun-4 MMU, 16 hardware contexts, 10 mips,.6 mflops CPU: 501-1129/1491/1522 Chassis type: rackmount Bus: VME, 12 slot Memory: 128M physical with ECC, 1G/process virtual, cheat engine slots 60ns cycle Architecture: sun4 Notes: Rackmount version of 4/260.Birdsall m/user/grntiger "For it is the doom of men that they forget." - Merlin Get the Sun Hardware Reference from f From Tue Apr 11 19:29:rticle: 28230.hardware Path: t!m!picarefy!

Type-4 keyboard and Sun-4 mouse, plugged together and into the machine with a small DIN plug.
Sparc Reference MMU with 4096 contexts.
Each VXI device has an 8-bit logical address that specifies where its registers are located in this address space.The SBus slots are not actually used, just inaccessible.MXI interconnects multiple devices using a flexible cabling method similar to gpib, but uses a hardware memory-mapped communication scheme that eliminates the software overhead.The trapezoidal shape, due to the constant rise and fall times, reduces noise coupling (crosstalk) on adjacent lines.It has an onboard 68020 and RAM for handling I/O optimization and buffering.The controller talks across the gpib to a gpib-VXI interface module installed inside the VXI mainframe.According to Logitech, this model were OEM made for Sun at their request.The bits are inverted, so the default settings correspond to an address of 0x200000.When one MXI device performs a read or write that maps to a remote MXI device, the MXI hardware on both devices interlocks the bus cycle across the MXIbus to accomplish the transfer.