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Aggression factor poker tracker

His high AF stems more from the fact that he is usually playing strong hands that perform well at showdown and will often be strong at the flop stage.
If they also have a high Cbet then you could consider calling light with the intention of c/ring (or just raising if your on the button) their cbet.
If their AttSB is significantly higher then their PFR then they're most likely aware of the power of positional and you can give more respect to their UTG opens and less to their cut off/button opens.
Take note of the type of hands they go to show down with, a maniac will lose a lot of hands at showdown while the nit will go to showdown infrequently and often with nothing but very strong holdings.Mostly the AF will tally with the Agg, so if you use both statistics, an AF.5 will generally have an Agg of around 33 (normal).A weak-tight nit with a vpip of 12 is going to make much stronger hands on average and fold his marginal hands more often then a maniac with a vpip of 65 who bets and raises with random hands.More usefully, when the Agg is low, but the AF is high, the player likes checking, but rarely calls.

Usually indicates a weak-tight post-flop player.
A player with low flop and turn AF and high river AF is usually a fish; they like to see all the cards before betting and are often calling stations as well.
It is calculated as a percentage of all hands in which you went to showdown.
The HUD tracks a variety of statistics.C-bet and Fold to C-bet converge relatively quickly.Are you detecting some repetition to my advice?Squeeze bet (times made a squeeze bet) * 100 / (number of squeeze bet opportunities).If you make the first raise, and TWO players raise before the action comes slots huuuge casino free slot machines games back to you, you are now facing a five-bet.Actually, his bets and raises will often be weaker than his calls, but due to his tight range, you need to have a good holding to justify playing back at him.It's also vitally important that you use Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager statistics as an aid in your overall decision making process, don't rely solely on stats to base your decisions.WSD and wwsf will need several thousand hands to be truly accurate so should be used carefully, WtSD will become accurate a lot faster though.A donk bet on the river is made by a player when all of the following occur: a) The player calls another players pre-flop raise; and then b) The player calls the pre-flop aggressors continuation bet on the flop; and then c) The player calls.

The donk bet stat is further broken down by street.
However, they should be given more credit when they do cbet, as with a low frequency, once they start betting, it's generally because they've connected reasonably well with the flop.