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Atlanta jackpot winner dies after gold plating his testicles

Justin quit his job at Walmart.
Some experts believe the trend stems from the Mayas who painted their bodies with gold veikkaus kirjautuminen ei onnist iltalehti u to empower themselves as offering the gods.
Justin Reiter from Alberta, Canada, died of medical complications after attempting to gold plate his own genitals to celebrate an astonishing 598,556 jackpot win.
Justin went on a shopping spree.
The Mike Myers hi lo blackjack strategy character tracks a fugitive who is notorious for coloring his victims testicles in gold.As a young man, Green was obsessed with the 2002 movie comedy Goldmember an Austin Powers parody of the bond movie.An image search revealed that the photograph of the doctor was swiped from a rticle about a health scare in Tulsa, in which bangkok airways flyer bonus programm the physician was correctly identified ias.Or you could have that gold plated testicle operation done that youve dreamed of your whole life.Atlanta Lottery Winner Dies After Gold Plating His Testicles.A 19 November 2015 version that appeared on the web site.Goldfinger in which Powers is hunting a criminal mastermind who colors his victims man parts in gold. Friends reported that Green immediately quit his job at Walmart and made plans for a better life.Unfortunately in the 12 hours following the procedure, Green encountered a series of health issues that ultimately led to his death.Green approached many people in the gold plating business, however he was turned down by every store owner Green was warned this was a very dangerous procedure.Justin successfully gold plated his own genitals.

The human body is not made to handle being gold plated, said.
It was the 2002 movie, Austin Powers in Goldmember.
He first tried painting his genitals gold with lead-based paint.But it just wasnt enough.Bill Rife was the doctor on hand who treated Green.Apparently, his idea of a better life would not be at the top of the list for most lottery winners.He wanted the real deal.

First things were first.
Similarly, the purported testicle-gilding lottery winner was in fact Polish rapper.
It was mercury and lead poisoning which led to his untimely death.