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Automatic bonus progression monk

automatic bonus progression monk

can't take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any).
Sansetsukon: 1d10 bludgeoning damage is pretty great, and meets your unarmed strike damage until level.
General consensus in rules discussions seems to be that the weapon overrides unarmed strike damage, but is otherwise treated as an unarmed strike.
Sacred Touch (Faith You don't have any healing abilities, so this may be a good way to rescue the healer.Cantrip : At 11th level, if she has an Intelligence score of 10 or higher, she chooses a witch cantrip and can cast that cantrip as a spell-like ability at will.Devotee of the Green (Faith Monks do not make good librarians.Storm-Touched (magic bad, and very situational.Past round 1, hope that you won't need this much speed.The Grapple property gives you a 2 to grapple, and you can add weapon enhancement bonuses to your grapple checks, but you use the weapon's damage when grappling in place of your unarmed strike damage.Djinni Spin: Far better than Whirlwind Attack, Djinni Spin deals automatic damage.I would argue that this ability actually makes you worse since you can't benefit from Enlarge Person.Jutte: 1d6 bludgeoning damage and disarm.Divine Bond : At 19th level, she gains a divine bond to a weapon as a paladin of her character level.Mercenary (social Monks generally blackjack hit soft 17 strategy do not make a good face.

Nine-section whip is strictly better unless you need a light weapon for some weird reason.
Quarterstaff: Bo Staff is strictly better.
Monks in Pathfinder still have the same features, but many of their most glaring issues have been heavily improved upon.It follows the same progression as a fighter maximizing the two-weapon fighting feats, but you have no "off-hand" attacks.Tiger Claws: Your Base Attack Bonus will be lower than your best attacks with Flurry of Blows because flurry pretends that you have 1/1 BAB, but Monks actually have 2/3 BAB.She uses her character level as the caster level and Charisma as the orisons key ability score.Unarmed Strike: This is why you generally play a monk: because you want to hit things with your bare hands/feet/etc.