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Bäckaskogs slott öppettider

In 1995 the site was abandoned and demilitarized, after which it was bought by a private no deposit bonus uk july 2017 land owner who has rented out the property as several storage facilities.
Tony and the communication team studying cables and wires.
This would also place it within the timeframe of Björn proper.
Group picture of the entire archaeological team, featuring archaeologists Tony Axelsson, Maria Persson and Anders Berglund along with the Spring 2015 class of the continuation course in 666 casino no deposit bonus code Archaeology.
A retired officer in the fortification corps who visited the site was on the other hand firmly convinced that it was a now decrepit old site that used to harbour an anti-aircraft cannon, as it was consistent with ones that hed built during the Cold.Subsequently it became an interest for us and excavations were initiated in the middle of May by professors Tony Axelsson and Maria Persson, along with second term students of archaeology such as myself.Excavation of the bunker in progress.(Photo: Tony Axelsson i, and many of my fellow students with me, found this to be a very rewarding experience in preparation for a further career in the archaeological field.A croft ruin from the 19th century was also uncovered, and nearby some postholes, possibly for a house of some sort, was found.We did have time towards the evenings as well to go out and explore the beautiful town of Skara and its large gothic cathedral in all of its splendour.(Photo: Maria Persson tony Axelsson and Anders Berglund investigating the interior of the shelters.

During the past few weeks a research project was initiated by the.
These kinds of finds were plentiful in the area and we did not have enough time to date and especially not excavate all of them, but this is good as it leaves open opportunities for future generations of students along with their excavations.
I personally believe in a mashup of the two theories: that the Home Guard utilized it after the hypothetical aircraft cannon was removed, as the Swedish military, especially in recent years, have had to find ingenious ways to reuse places and materials due to budget.Another bunker was found close by which was only partially excavated to determine how it compared to the one we fully uncovered.Military activity at the site can be traced all the way back to World War Two when Field Seven Jonstorp was located there, which was a secret airfield for the take-off and landing of military aircraft and personnel.Björn is where the First Flight Squadron, also known as ÖB:s Klubba in Swedish (the Supreme Commanders Gavel was led from; the squadron was a top modern fleet hardly outmatched anywhere in the world.The mysterious earthen circle, with the reladen test pits visible to the right.Kyrkan, the main building at the site, from where the air fleet would be directed.This bunker was utilized as a last resort splinter shelter to provide fire from, in the event of a ground invasion of the area.We did open up and examine a couple of test pits in the circle, and after discussions with the Home Guard, it was determined that it had been the site of a large tent for military conscripts and exercises.This was to handle the information gained from that perspective, which later could be applied to our findings in the ground.

There are also two Neolithic settlements within the confines of the site.