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Bingo grams boku no hero

also known as the, sweets Hero: Sugar Man, is a student.
Data is as follows: His favourite food is cake.
Japanese Name rmaji Name, sat Rikid, alias, sweets Hero "Sugarman" Kanmi Hr Shug Man?"Sato" is written with the first character of the word for "sugar" sat?For every additional 10 grams of sugar he ingests, he extends the time of increased strength by another three minutes.) and the second character in the most common Japanese surname "Sato" "Sato"?Quirk Sugar Rush ( Shug Dpu Rikido's Quirk allows him to increase his strength five-fold, for three minutes, by consuming 10 grams of sugar.However, when converting sugar into strength, his cognitive functions gradually drop, server slot machine making him very sleepy afterward.) translates to "path to power".Rikido Sato, student Uniform, casual, hero Costume, sketch.

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1 Abilities Gastronomic Talents : Rikido has great talent in cooking, being able to prepare cakes and other types of sweets.
He is surprisingly talented at making sweets, conquering his classmates with his food.
Alive, occupation, student, fighting Style, close Combat, image Gallery.
High School training to become a Pro, hero.Rikido's initial design was quite similar to his current one, the only differences being bits of his hero costume and the lack of large lips.Stats Power 4/5 B Speed 1/5 E Technique 2/5 D Intelligence 3/5 C Cooperativeness 4/5 B Rikido's stats, according to the Official Character Book Battles Events Final Exams Arc Trivia Rikido initial design.Personality Rikido has an interest in sweets and baking, the latter being a useful skill to have due to his Quirk.He is a very muscular person with rather full lips and brown, spiky hair.This talent was probably developed due to his quirk needing sugar to be activated.