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That said, the Beast Master certainly has extremely fun and powerful options with tons of utility and damage, so it's up to you which you prefer.You are also aware of the location of any invisible creature within 30 feet of you, provided that..
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Bonus fighter feats 3 5

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Must take Corsair special ability at 1st level instead of Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat.
But if you sleep in your skivvies, you'll be in trouble if you're attacked in the night.
Armoured Grace(Ex Choose Armour Category.
Iron Jaw(Ex DR Con/lethal, 1 FC against stunning.But first impressions often prove false, and though a fighter can certainly be easy to play, dismissing him as a dull character is definitely a mistake.And don't live poker helsinki overlook other defensive items, such as rings of protection and amulets of natural armor.Helpful Hints(Ex May use aid another within.General m documentation and help section.Attack Bonus, fort, save, ref, save, will.The essentials include the following.

Heavy Hitting(Ex 2 or 1/4 Fighter level nonlethal damage from unarmed.
A composite bow is a great choice because you can spend a little extra money on it and add your Strength bonus to damage.
Cover(Ex May transfer his Shield bonus and dodge bonus from fight defensively to adjacent ally.
Some Key Equipment, fighters rely heavily on their gear, so it pays to collect the right equipment.
Have only one Weapon Group Proficiency.Thus, they aren't good at avoiding most kinds of magical attacks.Save, special 1st 1 2 0 0, bonus feat 2nd 2 3 0 0, bonus feat 3rd th 4 4 1 1 Bonus feat 5th th 6/1 5 2 2 Bonus feat 7th 7/2 5 2 2 8th 8/3 6 2 2 Bonus feat 9th.Play a fighter, said your friends.Good Weapon Selection: Because a fighter can use any simple or martial superlenny casino experience weapon; he's a deadly opponent no arrange fx slot fl studio matter what weapon he wields.It also pays to have a hefty weapon on hand in case you lose your primary one or find that it isn't effective.The Party's Arcane Spellcaster: Wizards, sorcerers, and bards can pack a real punch with their spells, and they often serve as the party's heavy artillery.

Counterattack 12: Counterattack(Ex atfr, make an attack, as i make attack against any opponent attacking you before start of your next turn.
Armour from this category have MDB 1 higher and ACP 1 less.
Armoured Gait(Ex May count one Armour Category as one category lighter for purposes of movement.