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Bonus stage newgrounds

He just can't get back up from that position.
The second game's Hydra boss can be a particularly bad offender.
Defeat Equals Explosion : The first 3 games' final bosses explode when killed (well, only the top half of the third one explodes, the rest seems to fade away, see for yourself ).
Good thing one of them's on your side.
Matt expresses fear over crossing an unstable bridge, and Lance just says that the party isn't coming back for him if he falls.In 4 again, the Alchemist's Bow and Chainsaw Sword, for Anna and Matt, respectively, are useful for trash mobs."Mattias Häggström Gerdt mattias' manmeat MIX" (Remix) 03:25.Cross-Popping Veins : What the icon for the Berserk status effect looks like.Thankfully (or not he never spends that turn charging up another Spirit Bomb.

Edible Collectible : The third game's first minigame has NoLegs eat dozens of food items for points.
The last Wooly Mammoth, on account of how the party don't actually kill it after defeating it, doesn't.
Health/Damage Asymmetry : As both player and enemy levels increase, the latter group tends to grow faster in HP, but not as fast in overal damage.
Especially noticeable in EBF4, where certain pieces of scenery provoke a different poker rules heads up snarky line from every character.
Fanservice : To different degrees, Matt and Lance.Mythology Gag : Every "mecha" enemy in the series (the Mecha from EBF1, the Guardian from EBF2, and the Praetorian from EBF4 ) was designed with one of Roszak's earliest games/projects, " Mecha Dress Up boot slot table osrs ".Within 48 hours, the post gained over 3,300 notes.In 2010, it received awards for Most the ultra luxe slot machines Challenging Game from IGN, and for Best Downloadable Game from GameSpot and GameTrailers.Tropes K-O Kaizo Trap : In Bullet Heaven, bullets don't clear after you pass waves or even levels, meaning it's entirely possible to die right after beating a boss!

Sequel Escalation / Sorting Algorithm of Evil : The first game's final boss was Zombie Goku, again.
9 The PC version has a "Super Meat World" section, which allows users to play and rate additional levels that players have created with a level editor.