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Cape slot rs

Some type of helmet armour is usually worn on the head.
The slots and what they can be equipped with are listed below.
(99 Attack Required if you have another skill cape (excluding the quest point cape) then this cape will automatically be trimmed.
This is where a player equips weapons, items that will be used to deal damage in combat.The, mining cape is the, cape of Accomplishment for the, mining skill.Body slot For a list of items in this slot, see this table.RS, the worn equipment tab.Feet slot For a list of items in this slot, see this table.Boots and shoes are equipped in this slot.While plain leather boots provide small defence bonuses, metal boots can be obtained that provide considerable bonuses.

It can be detached with a right-click option.
When equipping a two-handed item, both your weapon and shield slot items, if any, will be removed.
If you have completed the quest.
Since the 11 slots can each be equipped with an item which then no longer appears in the backpack inventory, a player can effectively carry 39 items with them at once.
Shield slot For a list of items in this slot, see this table.On the Mining cape's emote was changed; the animation is smoother and the pickaxe used has been changed from steel to rune.Neck slot For a list of items in this slot, see this table.Although it is said that the players with the Mining capes below 99 have them removed, this is not true as a couple of accounts still have them.All players wield weapons in their right hand.This can be done by using a cape of accomplishment with the desired perk on one of the capes.Rings with gems attached to them can be enchanted.A player may also carry one of the god books instead of a shield, a defender to provide extra bonuses to attack.Hands slot For a list of items in this slot, see this table.

Runecrafting a player may wear a tiara on their head so that they do not need to bring a talisman.
Ammunition slot For a list of items in this slot, see Ranged Strength or this table.
That ammunition, bolts and arrows, is held in the quiver slot.