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Civ 6 standard adjacency bonus

Civilizations Civ VI will ship with 18 civilizations (plus the Aztecs as a pre-order bonus).
Each building gives a different bonus.
Research Agreements allow two parties to jointly research a target technology.
A civilization that has sent at least 3 Envoys can become " Suzerain " for that City-State, and earn a special bonus unique to that City-State.
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.15 Production towards military units.Tourism from wonders of any era is doubled.All Mongolian units gain 3 Combat Strength for each level of Diplomatic Visibility on their opponent.Reward: Permanent combat strength bonus against the target Failure: Reduced Loyalty in all cities Betrayal Emergency : A civilization has declared war on another civilization, with whom they had a high-level Alliance.Changes to Existing Policy Cards Free Market (Economic Extra Gold from buildings in Commercial Hubs.Hic Sunt Dracones (Normal Age Gain 3 Era Score each time you discover a new continent or natural wonder.Plato's Republic (Greece Receive an extra Wildcard policy slot no matter which government is chosen.

Gain the Redcoat unique unit when you research the Military Science technology.
3 Great Merchant Point per turn." Notes: This is a Spanish renaissance-era bonus unibet 100e archival building located in Seville.
Dismisses leaders who do not use Surprise War declarations.Builders receive an additional charge.The lead designer bingo cards numbers 1 30 was Ed Beach, who performed the same role for both the Gods Kings and Brave New World expansions for Civilization.Trade Routes to foreign cities or from foreign cities provide 1 Culture to you.2 Food if adjacent to an Aqueduct.All your cities within 6 tiles ar always 100 Loyal.50 if city population is 10 or higher, 50 if district has at least 4 adjacency bon.All your cities on your non-home continent with a Governor gain 15 Production, 15 Faith, and 15 Gold.Can attack support units directly without having to eliminate the combat unit first." Notes: a Navy seal-inspired ranged unit that caps off the Scout line, and has the ability to paradrop.The penalty phases in and starts to get significant around the Renaissance, but thats when the new Casus Belli system comes fully into play.