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Craps long rolls

My new system with the lotto 6 aus 45 2017 board does not play the don'ts non sticky meaning casino or pass-line, just places the 5,6,8,9,4,10 and buys the 4,10 only after a seven out and it is a losing round will I by the 4,10 because now the bets are more than doubled.
Once point is established: bet 5 on field, place 6 and 8 (1 unit each unless 6 or 8 is point. .
Wait for a 4 or 10 to get established.Marking with an O with a magic marker (water based) on the bottom of the 7's column line on the board when a 7 out occurs.Youre probably thinking, If theres no such thing as a winning system, and if dice control is a scam, and if were doomed to lose over the long-term, why should we bother playing at all?I just want to win a bet before that seven shows.

If the six rolls a 4th time, the win is 77 66 initial bet - I take down the 143.
This system allows one to sit patiently at a table for hours on a limited bankroll.
What offends me is how the shysters con people out of their hard-earned money by claiming they have the secrets to beating the casino.What this means is that the player can place from 1 to 100 times the pass or come bet on the number shot on such a bet and receive true odds on the number being made before a seven shows.Hope the shooter catches 2 of your numbers and then turn them off.Slowly, the broker builds up his client base, not because hes a genius, but because he got lucky with one out of every 100 cold-calls.Unknown contributor Budget Six and Eight Progression I get a lot of requests for my six and eight power press progression, but many players feel uncomfortable with these strategies because they typically start with 18 - 30 place bets. .If the point is 6 or 8, I moved the 30 from one number and pressed it on the other.