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Crash bandicoot 2 bonus warp room

crash bandicoot 2 bonus warp room

Brio best because he hates Cortex and jungle kino dk would rather side with his own arch-nemesis (Crash) than work for his former employer.
Sometimes, however, taking the secret paths in the levels will bring you to another level or to the Secret Warp Room, making for a nonstandard item completion.
The Nitro crate, a crate so volatile that even touching it causes an explosion, also saw its debut in this game.Hangin' Out prominently features red-hot pipes and lava as hazards set below overhangs.Shield-Bearing Mook : A few mooks in Piston It Away and Spaced Out wield shields that could push Crash back quite a distance.1-Up : How the life system works.Seldom-Seen Species : Bandicoot, of course, but also Komodo dragon and thylacine.Title screen 0:50.77.

100 Completion : What counts for the completion are the crystals, gems, the final boss, and finding secret levels (and, in the Japanese version, getting the 10 lives from Polar).
Attack Its korttipelit fusku Weak Point has never failed yet!
World of Pun : A lot of the level names are puns.It is the hardest area in the entire game, it gives you nothing, and the end platform, unlike Air Crash, Piston it Away and the like, takes you back to the last checkpoint rather than the warp room.Combine this with the.In that same secret area, actually.Snow go, snow biz, cold hard crash 5:52.37.That "bottomless pit" isn't as bottomless as you may think.