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Destiny 2 armor mod slots

destiny 2 armor mod slots

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Please feel free to double check me and tell me if I screwed.
At 280 you can you trade in 3 of the same type of Rare Mod to Banshee.
It's possible that it's actually a set stat bonus as well, but that's going to take a lot of testing to determine concretely, and this works in the meantime.Energy Weapon Mods Energy Counterbalance Mods - Equip these in your armour slots to reduce the recoil of your Energy weapon.I have done my best to ensure total accuracy with all numbers, referencing the work of others where possible and confirming their work with my own testing, which is ongoing.I need to do some more testing on Kinetic Munition Loader as I have to rely on third parties (it hasnt dropped for me somehow but I thought it was interesting it gave a different bonus than the Power Munition Loader.

Also added notes to clarify that Stat Mods stack as well.
This system can be a little tricky to understand when youve got a piece of gear with a Legendary mod already equipped.
In general, they're pretty hard to come by and you won't just stumble into them when playing the game - you've got to actively hunt them down.Acceleration Mod Arms, Cloak 1 Mobility (Improved Jump Height, Walking Speed, and Crouching Speed).Damage Mod - Equip to to change its rounds to the specified damage type.Notes on Counterbalance/Recoil Direction: To calculate the effects of Stability mods, I shot at walls without attempting to control the recoil, and measured the horizontal and vertical height of the impacts using image editing software.Weapons can drop as Masterworks with a random Masterperk selected, or you can dismantle Masterworks to get Masterwork Cores to upgrade any Legendary Weapon (Total Cost 10 Core and 25 Legendary Shards).Its not worth infusing a piece of gear using another which has a Legendary mod already slotted into.He will then convert this into 1 Legendary Mod of the same type.If we get other types of mods, I'll add them.

BungieHelp @BungieHelp 07 NOV RT @XboxSupport: Oops!
Instead youll want to focus on upping the recharge rate of your subclass abilities for higher damage output, and perhaps some Resilience in there for survivability too.
For now, Im not comfortable putting an exact number on this effect, but it is definitely converting horizontal recoil to vertical recoil, and will therefore be helpful when you are having trouble staying on target with a gun.