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Difference with dex modifier and bonus

difference with dex modifier and bonus

2) Make mistakes 3) Learn from hard rock casino restaurants biloxi those mistakes 4) Repeat., 04:34 AM - Top - End - #16 Re: Adding DEX modifier to damage?
Including a great sword!
Both are restrictive as far as what weapons you are allowed to add the bonus damage to, I'm not sure if there's any overlap.Originally Posted by The_Snark Crossbow Sniper from the phbii will allow you to add half your Dex bonus to damage with crossbows, but it vintage slot car box art sounds like you're better off with Shadow Hand.But then things changed, and weapon effects changed too.But the game was different then.

P?t320889 Stupendous Man drawn by Linklele, 02:03 AM - Top - End - #14 Re: Adding DEX modifier to damage?
Heck, they even kind of look like tesiv: Oblivion's elven weapons, with the curved one-edged blades., 12:47 AM - Top - End - #7 Re: Adding DEX modifier to damage?
Stick Fighting (5 AP, 3 Rog) You can now use your DEX modifier for damage with Quarterstaves.
So one could still have a DEX build if one was willing to acquire and stick with a very narrow range of named weapons.For some reason I thought they got both.You're still using a crossbow.The X to Y thread Ramza00 posted pretty much covers everything.English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary." "The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.", 01:01 PM - Top - End - #21 Re: Adding DEX modifier.Dagger in the Back (5 AP, Rog 3) You can now use your DEX modifier for damage with Daggers and Kukris * The existing Thief Acrobat prestige enhancement already allows DEX bonus to attacks when using a staff, but only to attack not to damage.Weapon effects like Wounding and Puncturing (or better, both) mattered, because if you reduced monster Constitution to zero, they died.But the CoCL's weapon is the coolest so far.

I thought the swashbuckler allowed this (as a "precision" bonus)., 12:15 AM - Top - End - #5 Re: Adding DEX modifier to damage?
It adds complexity without clarity.