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Drottningholm slott historia

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It was originally built in the best free ios casino games late 16th century, and it served as a regular summer residence of the Swedish royal court for most of the 18th century.
Origin edit, the name, drottningholm (literally meaning "Queen's islet came from the original renaissance building designed by, willem Boy, a stone palace built.
19th century edit During the reign of Charles XIV John of Sweden (reign 18181844 the palace was abandoned.
Retrieved 9 September 2018.This was completed in 2002.This lies north of the baroque garden and consists of two ponds with canals, bridges, large open sections of grass, and trees in groups or avenues.2 Hedwig Eleonora used the palace as a summer residence until her death in 1715, also voodoo korttipeli when she had become the undisputed host of the royal court during the absence of Charles XII in Great Northern War (17001721).The King regarded it as a symbol of the old dynasty, and Drottningholm was left to decay.Drottningholm: slottet vid vattnet Drottningholm: Castle by the Water (in Swedish).In 1777, Louisa Ulrika sold Drottningholm to the Swedish state.The unesco comments were: The Royal Domain of Drottningholm stands on an island in Lake Mälar in a suburb of Stockholm.Orsaken till flytten ska, enligt uppgift, vara att säkerheten kring paret inte kunde garanteras i gamla bostaden på Kungliga Djurgården.Prinsessan Sofia och prins Carl Philip ska bli föräldrar i april, enligt hovet.The many statues scattered throughout this area were created by the artist Adrian de Vries ; the Swedish army took them as spoils of war from the Wallenstein Palace in Prague, while the two marble lions at the main gate of the palace were transported.He further more used it for public celebrations, such as a reception for Pan-Scandinavian students in 1856, and in 1858, the future Gustav V of Sweden was born in the palace.

1700 English Garden Chinese Pavilion ( Kina Slott ) Fountain Rear of the Palace from the gardens References edit Page 61 of the Swedish Etymological Dictionary of Svenskt ortnamnslexikon, published 2003 by the institute of Språk- och folkminnesinstitutet, Uppsala.
3 The baroque garden was neglected along with the rest of the grounds during the 19th century, but was restored in the 1950s and 1960s on the initiative of Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden.
Louisa Ulrika and Adolf Fredrick continued to reside at the palace during their reign (17511771).
Meningen är att paret ska bo i Sjöpaviljongen i minst ett år innan de flyttar in i sitt drömboende Villa Solbacken på Kungliga Djurgården.Foreign guests were received in the palace gardens, such as Tsar Nicholas I of Russia.Det var 1982 när prinsessan Madeleine hade kommit till världen.John III of Sweden in 1580 for his queen, Catherine Jagellon.After the death of Hedwig Eleonora in 1715, Queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden and King Frederick I of Sweden held court at the palace in the summer.The latter part "sund" means sound, and "torve" has to do with fishing (a prehistoric Swedish word).2 Oscar I of Sweden took an interest in the palace, and though he preferred Tullgarn Palace as summer residence, he took care to preserve the palace by doing the first repairs in 1846.While it was owned by the Swedish state, the palace was used by King Gustav III of Sweden, son of Louisa Ulrika, as a summer residence, and a grand ceremonial court life was performed at the palace, which is considered to have been a great."Marble lions from the Ujazdów Castle".Unesco World Heritage Site edit The palace is a unesco World Heritage Site, mainly because of the Drottningholm Palace Theatre and the Chinese Pavilion.