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Epiphone casino hollowbody p-90 vs vintage sunburst

epiphone casino hollowbody p-90 vs vintage sunburst

A legend since 1961.
Now with new Dogear P-90T Classic pickups.
Epiphone still offers the standard sized Casino, but for players who want something a bit more compact there is now the Casino Coupe; a guitar that keeps all the essential design elements of a standard Casino but packages them in a smaller, ES-339 sized thinline.No case or gig bag is included, so you'll need to budget accordingly.The onset of feedback is gentle and swells almost like winamax poker отзывы a compressor with a slow ramp time; building up gently and gradually, it's just as easily attenuated, controlled or muted off with varying pressure from the edge of your palm or a twist.The body is double bound with a ivory casino all night colored single-ply binding.Neck Pickup, dogear P-90T Classic, bridge Pickup, dogear P-90R Classic.He has engineered, produced and performed on countless recording sessions in a diverse range of styles, with artists such as Alien Ant Farm, Jules Day, Voodoo Glow Skulls, John McGill, Michael Knott and Alexa's Wish.The standard Casino and Casino Coupe are similar, but definitely not the exact same guitar - if you play 3rd bridge stuff behind the bridge you'll find the Casino Coupe's smaller trapeze and shorter behind the bridge string length provide slightly different pitches and string.The review unit is finished in a softly golden-shaded Natural, which is somewhat blond in tone, with the maple's grain slightly subdued by, but still easily visible through the finish.Epaminondas Stathopoulos, Gründer und Namensgeber von Epiphone, meldete bereits im Alter von 24 Jahren sein erstes Patent an, dem noch viele folgen sollten und die die Welt des Instrumentenbaus revolutionierten.If you use loads of high gain distortion and fuzz, play at very high on-stage volume levels and/or hate feedback, the Casino Coupe is probably not for you.

And you don't really lose anything other than some size from the body; the basic Casino look, sound and responsiveness are all still present, and upper fret access, gain before feedback and overall "handiness" are all actually improved with the Coupe.
Resources, musician's Friend, epiphone Casino Coupe Hollowbody Electric Guitar online catalog page (748.00 msrp, 449.00 "street.
But beyond that point, except possibly for noise-rock freakouts, the Casino Coupe is less well suited for very high-gain / high-level applications.
The Casino Coupe can do Brit-Pop, Funk, Rock, Blues and jangle like you'd expect, but it can also provide surprisingly sweet Jazz tones too.These are solid sounding pickups - the classic P90 chime, bark and bite are all here, and when coupled with the Coupe's lively, responsive hollow body it results in a really cool sounding instrument.A three-way switch provides the standard pickup selection options of either pickup individually or both pickups together.The nut is imitation bone.Mahogany Neck and 5-ply Laminated Maple Body.Personal preferences aside, this is a really cool guitar that I've enjoyed playing.It is roughly similar in size to a Les Paul, but like the standard Casino, it's much lighter - weighing only six pounds.The headstock is angled at 14 degrees, which helps increase string down pressure at the nut, and thus sustain.It's going to open the Casino's tonal delights to a wide range of players who have previously balked at the original's larger body - and that's a very good thing.

Even with the small light body the guitar's balance is quite good, with no "neck dive" when worn on a strap.
E-Gitarre Farbe: Vintage Sunburst Bauart: Hollow Body Korpusform: ES-Modell Saitenanzahl: 6-saitig Halskonstruktion: eingeleimt Bundanzahl: 22 Mensur: 24,75" (62,87 cm) Korpusmaterial: Ahorn (Maple) Hals: Ahorn (Maple) Griffbrett: Palisander (Rosewood) Griffbrett Einlagen: Designer Inlays Pickup: S-S (2x Single Coil) Pickup Neck: Epiphone P-90 Dogear Pickup Bridge: Epiphone.
The feel of the neck is definitely different than my own personal Casino, and whether it's better or worse is entirely a matter of personal preference.