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Far cry 3 how to get weapon slots

Notes: The Bushman comes with an Optical Scope, Extended Magazine, Suppressor and custom paint.
Name: Shadow, type: Pistol, unlock: Successfully take control of 17 Outposts.
Sniper Rifles, sVD Requires 3 Radio Tower unlocks.
Unlocked by taking over 17, enemy.
Notes: A custom 1911 with increased clip size, silencer and custom paint.Handguns 1911 6P9.44 Magnum Requires 11 Radio Tower unlocks.GL-94 Requires 8 Radio Tower unlocks.Notes: Comes with Optical Scope and Extended Magazine, one of the most powerful LMG weapons in the game.Name: Shredder, type: SMG, unlock: Find 10 Memory Cards, notes: A custom Vector.45 ACP.Spas-12 Requires 13 Radio Tower unlocks.

Notes: Automatically increases damage done in melee combat.
A customized M133 shotgun with extended shell capacity, and custom paint.
LMGs, pKM Requires 4 Radio Tower unlocks.Tags: Game Guides, PC Guides, PlayStation 3 Guides, Xbox 360 Guides.Specials, repair Tool Requires 2 Radio Tower unlocks.Assault Rifles, aK47 Requires 2 Radio Tower unlocks.Fires an explosive, penetrating round.A2000 Requires 5 Radio Tower unlocks.Unlocked By Finding 10 Relics.Radio Towers reward you with free poe master bonus weapons and items and they also unlock nearby Supply Drop missions.

U100 Requires 7 Radio Tower unlocks.
Name: Ripper, type: LMG, unlock: Complete at least 6 Trails Of The Rykyat.