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#goforbonus 24th October :11 - (7.00) TeamKappa4president 4th October :25 - (2.50) Kappa 15th October :47 - (2.50) Kappa 15th October :36 - (1.00) TemaKappa shaltar: 100.00 21st November :16 - (10.00) Thanks you very much for the great stream!In my examples I'll..
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Fire emblem 7 support bonuses

Most characters have at least three support conversations (C, B, and A) with other characters, however if the two characters can get married then they will also have an S level support conversation where they will get engaged.
Avatar, a feature last seen.
I use her for her blood tide skill in the final chapter.
Only laguz royals have this skill, which is poker night at the inventory 2 achievement guide part of what makes them superior to non-royals.Used in every chapter she's available in except for a couple of 4-E chapters that bonus game buy can be 1 turned without her services.RNG: Stands for "random number generator".Rescue: A function that characters can perform to carry another person while having their skl and spd halved for the duration of the rescue.I use him all the way up to 1-4 because his innate wrath skill allows him to be an offensive powerhouse when used properly.

Note that Jill is using the brave axe since her hit rate is so bad that she needs the extra attacks to offset any misses that might occur.
All you need to know is that when I mention a character having ledge disadvantage, it means that said character loses 50 hit against the enemy he/she's targeting whereas said enemy gains 50 hit.
This way I feel as though I'm making an authentic speedrun, not just playing through Fire Emblem with well thought out strategies and happening to go reasonably fast.I am quite aware that I run the risk of having reasonably large calculation errors and that my constant mentioning of percentage manipulations probably makes for a laborious read, but I thought it necessary to truly appreciate the run as a whole.Segment 12: Pure enemy phase manipulation, Sothe lands his 20ish critical on the armor and I do my best to minimize the damage Sothe takes to make segment 13 easier.This guy has dominant stats and is used as a bosskiller in 1-7, a shover in 1-8 and ferries Micaiah in 1-E.Ranulf: A green cat.Once Haar is recruited, I have Nealuchi give Haar Leanne since he's the only character who can survive being double hit by the boss, and my units turtle in the corner seeing as it's faster to wait out the chapter than it is to rout.Finally, Micaiah is dropped so far from the seize square because she gets orkoed by the mage with a meteor tome.

The luck manipulation is pretty hefty here as Mordy has to dodge a venin lance while Lucia has to land criticals on at least 3 enemies she faces (6.3 in addition to minimizing the damage she takes.
Note #2 - The North American regional version of Radiant Dawn apparently suffers from a glitch that when you choose to transfer data if you have an Easy difficulty save present (beaten or not) on Path of Radiance, your game will crash and freeze.