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Firemaking bonus

firemaking bonus

Snipe, basic 5, none 10 Seconds, take aim at your target, dealing up to 125-219 weapon damage after.8 seconds, disabling protection prayer in PvP after a successful hit.
Hunters' crossbow Yes 50 0/850 Kebbit bolts None.
Prayer Level Prayer Potion Super Restore Potion Back to top To grind items in Runescape, you will need to purchase a 'Pestle and Mortar' from the Herblore Shop in Taverly.
Potato cactus Spawns in Kalphite dungeon in desert southwest of Shantay Pass (bring Rope to go down) Jangerberries Spawns on Ogre Island west of Yanille (bring Rope to swing across) Magic roots Found when digging up player-grown Magic Trees.
Off-hand chaotic crossbow Yes 80 0/1924 All The crossbow degrades, but the Rewards trader at Daemonheim can repair.Requires completion of The Digsite to use.This Skill Guide was entered into the database on Thu, Apr 29, 2004, at 09:31:58 PM by Monkeychris and Monkeymatt, and it was last updated on Sun, Mar 18, 2018, at 11:56:53 PM by ksb single.Back to top Perfect juju potions are made by combining 3-dose normal juju potions with Harmony moss.Back to the top Throwing axes can be purchased from the Tribal Weapon Salesman in the Ranging s marketin bonuskortti lapsille Guild.

Off-hand iron crossbow No 10 0/202 Up to Iron bolts None.
Off-hand Ascension crossbow Yes 90 0/2458 All This crossbow is made by taking an Ascension crossbow and 100 Ascension shards to Ocellus at the Ascension Monastery.
Potion Image Level Required Herb Used Ingredient Used Effect Experience Weak Potions Weak magic antaro slots potion 3 Sagewort Void dust Boosts Magic by 4 10 of level 21 Weak ranged potion 5 Valerian Void dust Boosts Ranged idle heroes супер казино by 4 10 of level 34 Weak melee potion.Use a hammer with the Coconut, then use it with an empty vial.While you remain within the shroud, your ranged damage will be increased.Phoenix crossbow No 1 0/110 Bronze bolts Shield of Arrav quest item.84 200 Super antifire Antifire potion Phoenix feather Temporary full protection from any dragon breath.

Off-hand demon slayer crossbow Yes 60 0/1040 Up to Runite bolts The stated accuracy is only achieved when fighting demons, otherwise this crossbow has the accuracy of a level 57 weapon.