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Full slot electric outwards door lock house

Artwork courtesy of US Patent and Trademark Office.
Cap (of the lock) The removable cover to a lock mechanism.
The impressions on coins at the Royal Mint are made in this way hence the name and so are those on the bows of cylinder keys.
It is used only in very special arrangements of master keyed locks.
(Scars on the strike plate will show where it is misaligned.) It is also possible the door has shrunk and the latch no longer reaches the strike plate.There may be one or more wards made of sheet metal of different heights bent into a curve.Drivers can be of various shapes other than cylindrical, so as to form anti-rap pins or anti-pick pins.Essentially it consists of an electromagnet attracting a conductor with a force large enough to prevent the door from being opened.It does not need reversing to alter the hand.Correctly relating to lever cabinet locks.Double Bitted Key One with a bit cannery casino hotel in las vegas on each side, of the shank.That's why the latest forms of security incorporate biometric locks (featuring things like fingerprint readers or iris scanners ) that grant access to a specific person rather than just any old person who happens to have the matching key.Some staples are lipped to act as a guide for the springbolt.Other than padlocks, the cylinder with its co-axial plug housing the pins and drivers under spring pressure passes through the thickness of the door, and the correct key lines up the pins and drivers to make a clear line of intersection between plug and cylinder.Patent 4,826,223, May 2, 1989).

When the electromagnet is energized, a current passing through the electromagnet creates a magnetic flux that causes the armature plate to attract to the electromagnet, creating a locking action.
There are numerous types available.
One button, when depressed, renders the outside furniture inoperable and the other, when depressed, restores the power of operation.
Latchset furniture or latch furniture A latchset, minus the latch.
Two or more different servant keys are required to pass one lock, all being in the same suite or subsuite.Glossary B, backplate -The plate, fixed on a door, to which the moving parts of a lock or latch are attached.A generic term, not widely used, for any part such as a lever or tumbler which keeps a lock bolt in position.Also where a lever lock shoots its bolt by more than one turn of the key, thus doubling the distance of its shoot.Key blank A partly-made key, which has been shaped to enter the keyhole of a certain type of lock or latch, but of which the blade has not been finally shaped (i.e.Link Plate The complementary member of box, desk and other locks which is fixed to the lid or some part of a cabinet, for example, and has one or more projecting links to enter the lock and engage the bolt.