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Into the killik warrens bonus

into the killik warrens bonus

Imperial and Republic Fleet Exploration Achievements will veikkaus ravit poisjäänti now display properly in the Achievements interface.
Galactic Command Gearing Changes: Crates get better as you level, greater chances to get set bonus gear, guaranteed Unassembled jääkiekon mm kisat 2017 veikkaus Gear drops on Operation bosses, and more!
Choice of, all Classes 1 Coruscant Commendation, trooper Commando's Prototype Greaves.
Choice of, knight Jedi Knight's Leggings, oRD mantell/ Cutting Off the Head (Heroic 2).The Coil Explorers Armor Set now lists the correct Cartel Pack source in Collections.The Statue: Naga Sadow Decoration will now appear correctly under the Civil Statues category on the Galactic Trade Network.Once you complete the storyline you will gain access to host of repeatable Missions in a brand-new daily area.Credits have been added to the in-game mail a player receives for choosing the light side conclusion of kotet.Any Command Crates earned at rank 300 will now contain Tier 4 gear.

Rathen-Predot, Chorto Rinn, and the Eagle will no longer respawn as friendly NPCs after the choices the Imperial Agent makes during the Hostile Takeover Class Mission.
The Imperial Scholar title and codex can once again be earned by completing The Hate Machine Mission on Korriban.
NPC: Do, location: Elarian Trail (-235, 58 title: The Keeper of Truth.
Bosses will now drop the following Unassembled Gear Pieces in existing Operations: Tier 2 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces Story Mode Tier 3 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces Veteran Mode Tier 4 Prototype and Artifact Unassembled Gear Pieces Master Mode (Non-final bosses) Tier 4 Legendary Unassembled Gear.Corrected the naming of Weaponmaster and Vindicator armor sets, previously their names were flipped.If there isnt Discipline-specific gear, all items will be shown.Trooper Sergeant's Greaves, smuggler Spice-Runner's Leggings, destroy the Beacons (Heroic 2).Removed an incorrect border color which would appear on the Knights of the Eternal Throne loading screen on some screen resolutions.Command Rank 300 is now Tier 4 of Galactic Command.

Flashpoints, all Story Mode Flashpoints will now drop loot as intended.
Daily Missions award 8 and Weekly Missions award.
Heroic 2 or 2 missions can be completed with a group of just two people, but also can have advanced difficulty for groups of more than.