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Kingdom hearts unchained special attack bonus

kingdom hearts unchained special attack bonus

What does that mean?!
Medal Types, exp Medals Feed them to your main medals for a good amount of experience.
Gendered Outfit : Sora's and Riku's outfits are some of the clothing options you can choose from.
The Focus Gauge is also represented in the main menu in terms of Focus Points, or FP, with the current level being out of a maximum of 100.
On certain missions, Roxas can earn extra prizes by completing the extra requirements of the mission, such as finding all of the target Heartless or collecting all Organization emblems.(The Japanese version generally uses "Defeat the target enemy in 1 turn" instead.) The major exceptions to the "Defeat all enemies in 1 turn" in the main storyline are all against bosses.Practically anything said by the Master of Masters, but in particular his casual "Nah, not possible" when asked about the possibility of averting the Keyblade War has caught on with the fanbase.Status-Buff Dispel : Very important for removing defense from Bosses that you are trying to beat within a round limit.Boss Warning Siren : Encounters with Target Enemies are helpfully prefaced with a red "warning!" screen and a blaring alarm.Hypocritical Humor : Upon finding out that a Bag of Coins Heartless was responsible for stealing medals, Aladdin calls it out and informs it stealing is against the law.Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence : Ephemer has become " Unchained " according to Master Ava, and from where he is now, sends messages via dreams to the main character.Khii Aerith, Vivi, and DiZ all have the same buffing power for less gauge cost.

The gauge is not affected by attacks from bees or bumping into tree branches.
Gainax Ending : The game's ending makes it unclear the true fates of the Player, Ephemer, and Skuld, and does not resolve other lingering issues regarding the traitor, the Master of Masters, Luxu, and the lack of mention of the -blade and Kingdom Hearts.
The mode is so tough, it's a struggle to get through these missions alive, let alone clear special objectives.the eighth (excluding remakes) game.For example, Sora KH2 version 3 needs another Sora KH2 version 3 in order for it to work.In Birth by Sleep, its shape resembles the Drive Gauge, and it is located to the left of a character's portrait on the bottom-right corner of the screen.Super-Deformed : It's very subtle; the head size of the characters are only slightly larger than normal.Difficulty Levels : Proud Mode.Aladdin fights the Wily Bandit alongside you.Once it is full, it will display the word "Link" on it, meaning the player can touch that Spirit's icon to perform a Link Attack (with Sora) or activate a Link Style (with Riku).Even though you agree to work for Hades, you aren't actually siding with him; you just pubainen lotto krocodile want to know where Cloud went.The Darkside has a lot of HP (to the tune of twenty million, where other Union Cross bosses peak at less than four million) and its attacks are capable of one-shotting even the strongest of players.