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Leather blackjack weapon

SrBenelli # 33, 11:07 AM Member Join Date: May 2009 Posts: 62 Likes: 0 Liked 10 Times in 8 Posts When I went to work for mistä nettikasinosta voittaa a police department in Virginia in the early 80s, while being sized for the uniform, I was asked.
JP Just skimmed through the state code and it looks to me like the only issue would be with carrying one.
I don't know the final resolution of that case.
Add more wrap until it is about 1" thick.As for mere ownership that depends on your local laws.At that time lot of the older guys around here still carried saps or blackjacks in the sap pocket of their uniform pants and did so until about '84 or '85 when such weapons were specifically prohibited by policy.The cop who did Federal time for sapping the elderly stabbing victim handcuffed to a wheelchair who spit on him was also dinged by the department for carrying an unauthorized weapon.For carry options the three I decided on in order of preference are- - Strong side back pocket - Waistband cross draw position -Bag carry about the same position as strong side back pocket.Besides custom orders they will post when they have specimens for sale.It's called the 415 Gonzalez because a guy named Gonzalez makes them and 415 is radio code for a weights about 2 pounds.If you've ever seen a head wound you know how much blood can e "brother' had a very interestning scar to show off when he got to the Ft Leavenworth Confinement Facility.At that time, I finally understood the Military Police doctrine that a night stick is a punching,thrusting weapon NOT a swinging baseball bat.Indeed, if you pack a lunch you can make yours from the used wrap.

Product highlights: Heavy-stitched leather design, stun your attacker, loop handle for a sure grip.
That's a baseball bat!
A completely different matter entirely and unrelated to the weapon.
BoerBoelGuy arranged for me to have an example of each of their work.IL LEOs can legally carry saps, blackjacks, etc.Like with all strikes this also has the benefit of stopping you from over extending your arm and allows you to better redirect during the strike.They could be disciplined up to termination but it's not a criminal matter.Ispcapt # 15, 12:22 AM Member Join Date: Oct 2010 Location: WV Posts: 762 Likes: 153 Liked 464 Times in 224 Posts": Originally Posted by guitar1580 Are blackjacks, saps, billy clubs, paddy wackers, and other various lead filled weapons legal to own / carry?They are a bludgeoning impact weapon historically used by bouncers, street gangs, thugs, the military, security, and police forces around the world.Even a small one is very lethal, but that beast is a leg breaker for sure.

Seldom do these items end up in my EDC and if they do it is because they are so good that they replace something else.
During the rolling around on the ground fight, he got the sap away from me and took a swing.