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Mage armor shield stack

While optimizing talents on a contextual basis is the veikkaus peliraja automaatti highly recommended method of setting up your build, the talent build listed below works great for general purposes.
Moderate enchantment; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous lotos oil armenia Item, Heighten Spell, charm person ; Price 56,000 gp for a pair.
Its possessor gains a 1 luck bonus on saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks.The subject may struggle, but the globe cannot be physically moved either by people outside it or by the struggles of those within.The range of this effect is 60 feet.The possessor of such a stone need but utter a few words of summoning, and a Huge earth elemental comes to the summoner.

Cube of Frost Resistance This cube is activated or deactivated by pressing one side.
A Large object counts as two Medium objects, and a Huge object counts as two Large objects.
The item can be used three times per week for up to 12 hours per use.Faint transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, shrink item ; Price 10,000 gp (one glove).The broom can carry 200 pounds and fly at a speed of 40 feet, or up to 400 pounds at a speed at 30 feet.Faint abjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, alarm ; Price 2,700 gp; Weight.Those who look at the wearer are dazed for 1d41 rounds (Will DC 16 negates).Bead of karma Wearer casts his spells at 4 caster level.Faint illusion; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item, disguise self ; Price 1,800.Iron Bands of Binding When initially discovered, this very potent item appears to be a 3-inch-diameter rusty iron sphere with bandings on the globe.Some enemies have Ignore Evasion as a passive ability, which makes using shields pointless.The bottle can even be shared by multiple characters who pass it around.

The High Priestess Lich King of spades Three of staves Three male human clerics Queen of spades Four of cups Medusa Jack of spades Knight of pentacles Male dwarf paladin Ten of spades Seven of swords Frost giant Nine of spades Three of swords Troll.
Ivory Goats These figurines come in threes.