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Mass effect bonus talent for soldier

Convinced the Alliance to return Nirali Bhatia's body via paragon.
Killed Mid-Sentence : If you leave Ashley or Kaidan to die on the AA tower on Virmire, then, just before Saren shows up at the bomb site, you hear a brief transmission of whomever was left at the tower shouting some orders to the salarians;.
The story follows several different soldiers who have been genetically modified, cybernetically modified, or possess psionics as they fight against the aliens there own way.
ALL collections complete; I think I surveyed every Planet, and to my knowledge, every sidequest is done too.
Did all of the UNC:Hades Dogs quest chain.He Was Right There All Along : One of the things which make thresher maws loton voittopotti so freaking hard.In the original game, it throws a grenade.Decade-Themed Filter : There is special graphics option to apply grain filter over all visuals, specifically to invoke 1970s movies.It ends with the new Councilor giving a Rousing Speech about how the Council races will come together to defeat the Reapers.And I promise you all: we will stop him.Justified, since in the previous section the Mako's HP automatically falls all the way to zero when you approach the Conduit.Shepard will also tell the squad to do this to Saren in the endgame.He may get his just desserts in Mass Effect 3, or you may choose to let him go again (if severely humbled) in order to gain the batarians as a War Asset.Oh, and they work for Saren.Ancient Keeper : Vigil, a Prothean virtual intelligence which maintained the facility on Ilos in the hopes that an organic race would reach the planet before the next Reaper invasion.

Chose Captain Anderson to join the council.
Lots of thanks to sierra-357 for sending in this Shepard!
Karma Meter, and instead gives you options on how to proceed with each encounter based on the.Turns out it was her brother who was executed.Helena Blake's quest completed and she is alive.If you go Renegade you can just kill them, which is much easier."She's pointing a gun at us and she's surrounded by geth!D or 4- I like Queen, Lordi, Daft Punk, The Beatles, and many other Bands 26 and Z- I want to get into writing, especially anything sci.Eventually found as a random drop from killed geth troops, this gun lacks the ability to be modded in any way.Saved the Rachni Queen.In an elevator conversation, Wrex asks Liara why her people didn't use their natural biotic ability to conquer the entire galaxy.MayflyDecember Romance : The asari seek out Interspecies Romance, but have a much longer lifespan than most other races - salarians, for example, live for about 40 years, and humans rarely make it past 150.