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Meaning of slotter

meaning of slotter

Etymology 2 edit, noun edit slotter ( uncountable filth.
( engineering ) A tool used to make a mortise, or to shape the neue online casinos mit freispielen ohne einzahlung sides of an aperture.
The vertical front face of the column is accurately finished for providing ways along which the ram moves up and down.
Last Updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2009.A machine tool with a vertically reciprocating planing tool used for making a mortise or shaping the sides of an aperture.At the bottom of the ram, it carries the cutting tool.It supports column, tables, ram, driving mechanism, etc.Saddle and cross slide.The main difference between a slotter and a shaper is the direction of the cutting action.The workpiece is held stationary.

English edit, pronunciation edit, etymology 1 edit slot -er, noun edit slotter ( plural slotters agent noun of slot ; someone or something that slots.
It may be considered as a vertical shaper.
Operations Performed on a Slotting Machine: A slotting machine is a very economical machine tool when used for certain classes of work given as under.It is more massive and moves vertically, at a right angle casino las dos niñas to the worktable, instead of having the horizontal motion of a shaper.Anagrams edit Lotters, Stotler, Trostle, lettors, settlor, tetrols, tolters Retrieved from " ".Base, column and table.Ram and tool head assembly.The ram supports the tool head to which the tool is attached.