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Nosebleeds poker term

In this new version, we wanted to address the features that has been requested the most and that makes the more sense in what we want to achieve.
The discard pile multi-way pot A pot where several players compete for.
Cards speak See main article: cards speak case card The last available card of a certain description cash game A game where each hand is played for elisabeth slotte real money as opposed to tournament play.Players sometimes evaluate hands by ranking them as being the second nuts or the pure nuts.Squanderer « Previous Thread Next Thread » Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are On IMG code is On html code.Multi Way Pot: A pot where several players are involved.

Second pair In community card poker games, a pair of cards of the second-top rank on the board.
Short stack A stack of chips that is relatively small for the stakes being played.
Downswing: A prolonged period where a player loses consistently.
Generally, this is an unwanted outcome, as a player is often putting in a third of the pot in the hope of winning a quarter of the pot back.
Compare with full bet rule.H I, j K, l M, n O, p Q, r S,.Mighty Ducks: Four of a kind, twos.Hero (BTN.5 BB SB:.88 BB (vpip:.06, PFR:.06, 3Bet Preflop:.00, Hands: 143) BB: 120.33 BB (vpip:.11, PFR:.19, 3Bet Preflop:.92, Hands: 152) SB posts.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB Pre Flop: (pot:.5 BB) Hero has.For studying I will run sims overnight on 15-20 hands then review it in the morning.Played some 1knl today, but the game broke quick once the rec left.Used especially to denote the situation where the board presents a flush possibility, when the player does not in fact have a flush, but holding the ace presents some bluffing or semi-bluffing opportunity and a redraw in case the flush draw comes on the turn.Alligator Blood: A resilient player that copes well with bad results is said to have alligator blood.Negative freeroll See main article: negative freeroll.

See main article: open open-ended straight draw, open-ended An outside straight draw.
Fifth street The last card dealt to the board in community card games.
For example, "I had a read on him, and thought I was beat so I folded".