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Poker bluff catching

all of which missed, you can assign a very high bluff frequency to this type of player.
There are two things that we are looking for.
So we take a look at his bluffing range.For example, if 10 of my range were flushes and the rest were AT, then I would only need to call with åkeshovs slott bröllop AT 20 of the time, since my overall calling frequency still needs to be at 30 to prevent exploitation from bluffing.You must understand his behavior.The average player is pretty passive at lower limits, so in most situations where we find ourselves with a river bluff-catcher facing 2 or 3 barrels, or an overbet, we can usually automatically hit the fold button.Now is when you have to look at your opponent and think about his tendencies.In this scenario we will pick the best bluffcatchers and fold the worst bluffcatchers.Both hands lose to our opponents entire value-range and beat any bluffs that he can have.You bet 12 and he insta-calls.When I have the A spade, Ivey has fewer flush combinations that he could be value betting.

As I said before, Ivey is an extremely good player, so he might try to confound all of this reasoning by betting a hand like KT for value.
If he bluffs less, then he misses out on just enough pots that he could have stolen from.
We dont know the action leading up to the river in this hand, but lets say that I bet the turn with my top pair, top kicker, and then checked the scare card on the river.So there is not actually a huge amount of difference between K2s and KQo in this situation.Thats a fine way to play it as long as Im also capable of checking a strong hand like the nut flush in the same spot.If we return to our KQ/K2 scenario we can see that there now is a really clear difference between the 2 hands because KQ beats some hands in our opponents merged range while K2 beats none.Again, even if Ivey knows that I am doing this, there is nothing he can do to exploit.Against the right player, in the right situation, calling a river bet with ace-high will make you a fortune over your poker career. .Look at His Bluffing Range, again, it's pretty clear at this point that we have a bluff catcher. .When deciding which bluffcatchers to put in our range (assuming that there is not really much discernible difference in terms of relative value we often look solely at blockers.Przykład: Postawiłeś swojego rywala na flush draw na flopie, ale ten nie skompletował się do rivera.But how do we know if he is bluffing this frequently?

We have to be a little careful with this idea, since although it is theoretically correct there are a few things that can go wrong in practice.