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Bureaucrats Making Their Own Law?
Bangalore (Bangaluru India have suddenly been shocked, shocked to discover gambling going on in more than 500 licensed mom-and-pop card clubs.
Much of the dispute centers around the claims of the police jackpot party casino community that these clubs are not, in fact, operating in a fully legal fashion despite being properly licensed.
But more than 500 of them?
The only two states where betting or wagering is oz lotto australia history not permissible even in games of skill is Odisha and Assam." The row erupted on July 27 this year when the Central police raided Royal Flush Sports and Cultural Association in Chamrajpet and registered criminal cases.Needless to Say, Its Card Room Was Not Attacked by the Authorities.Your entire livelihood gone in sixty seconds.It is needless to state that the property seized in the case requires to be gala casino mobile returned to the person from whom the same has been seized and therefore it is directed that the Police shall return the property to the person from whom the same.Accordingly, the proceedings in Crime.It is specifically submitted by him that no officer of the police station visited the club in question and directed suspension of the game of poker thereat.The court said, "In respect of the game of poker, if played as a game of skill, licence is not contemplated.Were a few egregious outlaw clubs raided as an example to all of the others?Siddique, learned advocate for the State submits, on instructions received from the Officer-in-Charge, Charu Market Police Station, that the contents of paragraph 14 are far from being true.The government advocate conceded that any "game of skill" does not require a licence, but the clubs, in the guise of promoting recreational activities, were indulging in illegal activities.While each of the 500 properties targeted may be small individually, closing them down in one fell swoop forces a large chunk of the card playing business into the doors of the big operators whether they want to be there or not.Looking at the matter from the outside, it appears that one of two things has happened.

Did anybody send them a letter notifying them that they were out of compliance and had a reasonable length of time to get their act together?
Some of these clubs catered almost exclusively to retirees who would sit around reading newspapers and chatting with friends in between sessions of poker and rummy where the big, momentous pots would sometimes reach the massive total of 1.
It is certainly disconcerting to witness how 500 clubs can be put out of business and 10,000 jobs incidentally wiped out just like that.
That surely sounds far-fetched.
Possible Behind-the-Scenes Motives, strong-arming these insignificant little operations to play by the "rules" would require them to offer a host of additional sports and leisure facilities that nobody cares about which apparently include reading rooms, ping pong tables, and badminton courts.The patchwork quilt of Indian gambling laws causes quite a few situations, like the one we're discussing today, where those running the games and those playing in them aren't quite sure where they stand in the eyes of the authorities.Provisions of the West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competitions Act, 1957 and in particular the definition of "gaming or gambling" under section 2(1) (b) thereof reveal that poker is not included either in gaming or gambling and, therefore, if anyone indulges in playing such game.411 of 2011 of Indiranagar Police Station, Bangalore registered for the offence punishable under Sections 79 and 80 of the Karnataka Police Act.The really unsettling thing about this incident is not whether these various small fishes in the sea of gambling are violating the terms of their licenses.There are five to six lakh people in the US who are professional poker players.The Indian Poker Association (IPA in petitions filed before the High Court of Karnataka, had alleged that the city police were humiliating and harassing aspiring poker players by filing cases against them.While it might be possible to stash all of these white elephants in the basement of your average American house, space is far more precious in other areas of the world, such as India.The numbers are less in India.Simply that they do not have any badminton courts on their premises, and, no, we are not making this.

Declaring some forms of gambling to be definitely illegal while transparently legitimizing others would at least prevent smalltime entrepreneurs from sinking their money into investments that are later deemed to be illegal.