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Poker half pot cbet must work

When it comes to c-betting or texas holdem kädet käytettävät kortit taking stabs, I like to bet only half the pot untill the pot reaches a certain SPR limit where I just pot it to commit myself or check-fold.
January 2, 2017, what is a continuation bet?
One common mistake newer players make is basing their decisions on insufficient data.
Overcards, with the half pot amount that you bet, he's not getting terrible odds to keep going even if he doesn't have a made hand and free bonus no deposit casino uk 2017 he knows exactly what you have.
I mean, it's not optimal to do what you're doing in position, but OOP it's just plain horrendous., 12:38 PM # 3, plusch centurion, join Date: Dec 2004.Others say I should always pot it (expect some special board textures) to get maximum value for my monsters and nettikasino mainonta some like 3/4 more.Press J to jump to the feed.River Bet - Fold.For example, lets say you hold 88 on a flop of A39.I've discussed the half-pot cbet with a few people already.Password, notices, small Stakes PL Omaha, discussion of 1/2 and below pot-limit Omaha poker.quot;: Originally Posted by CZI -You're making it cheaper for them to float you: you'll get floated way more often.In general, you do not want to be continuation betting as a pure bluff.5) Skip Flop CB and Check-Fold OOP. Probability Sports Betting Other Gambling Games22 Communities Other Other Topics ootv Game of Thrones The Lounge: DiscussionReview EDF Las Vegas Lifestyle BBV4Life omg omg omg House.

If the turn and river are both hearts, then you will make a ten-high flush.
Image is another element to consider, whether the value I lose from halfpotting is compensated by the action I get from marginal hands hitting second nuts or less.
2) Turn Cbet Single Rsd Pot.
River Bet - Single Rsd Pot.
As we show in our article on unopened preflop raises, when you are opening only 12 rather than 45 of your hands, the chance that your hand contains a strong ace is much higher.I've been reading the term a lot lately and i'd love to read some about it, unfortunately search doesn't bring me any satisfying results.The advantages for your opponents are numerous: -The likelihood of them snapping you off with a bluffcatcher increases, since they have to be right less often.Think of the situations in which you would decide to continuation bet and those in which you would not, bearing in mind your position at the table, your opponent's position at the table, the value of your hand, and the frequency with which your opponent.Pair plus straight draw, pure straight draw, spade draw.When your opponent has a low fold to continuation bet, you have less fold equity.