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Poker shove or fold

poker shove or fold

Our frequent users include wsop Bracelet winners, Super High Roller champions and many of the worlds top 300 GPI Players.
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Tools like SNG Wiz can help you with the math and simulate situations in small tournaments and SNGs.
This article breaks down the subject of all-in play in online poker tournaments, explaining the thinking behind this strategy and the common situations in which you will use.
Push / Fold Strategy For Poker Tournaments When Post Flop Play Becomes Difficult.Things get more complicated in real life situations, different stack sizes, prize pools which are set up differently and.Probably break even at best.A savvy opponent could look at the pot odds, then compare the winning chances of his hand to see whether he had enough equity to call.SnapShoves exclusive training mode quickly puts your short stack skills to the test with the added pressure of time.I will exclude the blinds for now to keep the example easy to follow.This was probably more of a standard PFR situation.You have to call the remaining 7,500 lady gaga poker face live chips in your stack to win 14,500 more, those are odds of just a tiny bit under 2-1.Using the free tool PokerStove you can work out the equity of different hands compared to ranges the rest is just calculating odds of having those hands and the chips won * percentage of the time each outcome happens.Situations : Bubble situations are the best for all-in play, here most players tend to tighten up, waiting for the money before they try adding to their stack.

If the guy 3bets really light and often, 4bet jam him and hope he folds his small-pair type hands so python lotto program you get more free money.
Now, the problem here is that your good but not great hand (say 77 or A10o) will win more than this against the range your opponent might re-raise with (say most pairs, ace-9 and some KQ / KJ combinations).
In these situations you can make a superior knowledge of push / fold strategy a profitable edge, maximizing your chances of a deep run.
There will be many times when an opponent moves their stack into the middle and once you know how they are approaching the game you should be able to differentiate the steals from the unexploitable shoves from those time when someone is trying to look.
If you call an all-in at the final table then you are risking your entire prize pool equity, usually for a smaller gain in average equity make sure that your gain is worth the potential loss.Using the same 500/1000 blinds and an ante of 50, you decide to raise in later position to 2250 of your 15000 stack.Short stacks can often be feeling desperate, and if they think you might be stealing then they can often take a chance by calling your shove.It might surprise some readers, but there are many situations in poker tournaments in which you could turn your hand face up, shove all your chips into the pot, and still have a positive expectation in terms of chips!There is nothing more obvious than someone suddenly going from shove-maniac to limping or mini-raising.I will start by highlighting some situations in which post-flop play becomes difficult and the factors which go into spotting these.This is a little theoretical to start with, but has important implications for many real situations.