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SS- Haupsturmfuhrer, herbert Lange, the casino deals in atlantic city commander of the group of the.
Einsatzgruppen, who carried out mass killings in Russia.
The Jews from Kolo led to the trucks had no idea of the final destination of their journey.
After the engine had been started, the exhaust gases spread quickly within the chamber suffocating the people locked inside.The vehicles were reinforced to carry heavy loads and equipped with mariedal slott tightly sealed doors.The moment the last of the group of 35 40 victims stepped into the vehicle, the German soldiers locked the hermetic door.Those who opposed were killed on the spot.Whilst there is no idea of how many unsuccessful escape attempts there were, it is known that only four people managed to escape from the death camp at Chelmno.Valuables were to be placed on the shelves above the pegs, while bread, tobacco and matches and lighters were to be wrapped in handkerchiefs or small bags and placed separately, because the filthy clothes had to be cleaned chemically and any valuables left in the.Then they took his pistol away and opened fire at two Wachtmeisters standing by the door.They would go to cities such as Leipzig, Cologne etc.To avoid complications and to speed up the undressing, they were further informed that they would be living in newly built barracks, and as much as possible with their entire families, but first they had to be deloused.

Waldlager ) Later at this location the Germans built crematories in order to obliterate the evidence of their crimes.
All the commanding posts were held by the SS-men from the.
There, the people were told to undress.
The passage turned at a hard right angle and led to a ramp.
The corpses had to be arranged in such a way that they did not touch one another.Lenz brought out the remaining five from the lower cell.The fate of the others was much more tragic.Under the grate, there was an ash pit linked with another pit to ensure the proper flow of air to the furnace.However, the monument at the site of the former death camp, says 180,000 Jews were murdered here, 160,000 Polish Jews, and 20,000 Jews from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Luxemburg and 4300 Gypsies.Between 5 September and 12 September 1942, no one was allowed to leave their houses, the infamous Gehsperre Aktion.The entire Jewish population from the Warthegau was to be exterminated there by means of poisonous gases.A group of gendarmes from the.