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Professional casino dealer

professional casino dealer

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Is Poker Dealing for You?
These courses can be taken by novices or those who have already completed coursework in a casino dealer training used casino chips las vegas program.It can be considered a fun and exciting career, crossing paths with thousands of different people from across the pond.Join a gaming program or find a casino that can offer you the training you need, and you are good to go!If you are in the center of London, your wage can be up to 20,000.Sharing in the exhilaration of being part of a big win is certainly enough to make anybodys day!This question is like asking how long a piece of string.Blackjack is one of the easiest games to learn, and students typically complete their training in two weeks or less.Sociable, something that will greatly affect how much you enjoy working, as well as impacting how many tips you receive depending on your demeanor.So what is life really like for a professional dealer or croupier and how do you go about becoming one?Poker dealers fall into two main categories: cash game dealers and tournament dealers.Before you take the plunge and decide to become a poker dealer, it's worth knowing what your employment prospects will.Have great team working skills, have a polite, tactful and friendly manner.

In essence, poker dealers earn the bulk of their pay from tips and, like any service profession, the amount you're tipped is largely dependent on your attitude, your skills and the customer.
In both instances, you'll need to complete an "audition" which involves dealing a live game for 15-20 minutes while the poker room manager watches you.
Eventually, you could become a pit boss, then a manager and earn more than 40,000.Like many vocations, the professional croupier often starts life in further education and training either on the job or at one of a number of gaming academies that have been established in the UK and beyond.As far as qualifications are concerned, few employers will ask that specific programmes of learning are completed,.g.However, at most casinos in the US you will receive minimum wage payments for the duration of your shift and, according to the BLS, the average mean salary for a poker dealer in 2011 was 21,930.You can't ignore pot sizes like you ignore pot odds, otherwise you won't last long.The ability to think quickly and make fast mental calculations.If you are dreaming of becoming a casino dealer and working in this exciting and vigorous industry, you can start preparing for it today.More and more casinos are being built in developing countries too places like Macau are currently thriving and so you can combine your croupier work with sightseeing in some of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet.Next Available Classes Day November 5 Weekend November 10 Night November.Before choosing your specified school, its best to talk to current croupiers about their recommendations.

So, read on to learn more about your opportunities in the world of dealers and their brilliant pay packages.
A typical day will involve the following tasks: Set up the betting table before a game begins.