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Qdialog show slot

See also accepted and rejected.
There are application reasons to use both kinds.
See also open show result and setWindowModality.
Signal void QDialog:rejected This signal is emitted when the dialog has been rejected either by the user or by calling reject or done with the QDialog:Rejected argument.See also finished and accepted.Void QDialog:setResult(int i ) Sets the modal dialog's result code.And if you try to click somewhere veikkauksen pelisali ketjut on s kanava oma bonus the mainwindows it won't let you until you close the QMessageBox.QDialogs can poker texas holdem online gratis miniclip provide a return value, and they can have default buttons.If you use show and setModal (true) together to perform a long operation, you must call QApplication:processEvents periodically during processing to enable the user to interact with the dialog.Override virtual QSize QDialog:minimumSizeHint const Reimplemented from QWidget:minimumSizeHint.If this dialog is shown with exec done causes the local event loop to finish, and exec to return.

A dialog window is a top-level window mostly used for short-term tasks and brief communications with the user.
This is useful if you want to open a file, for example, and you don't want the user to be able to do anything in the program until a file is chosen and that dialog is closed.
Override virtual protected void QDialog:resizeEvent( QResizeEvent * ) Reimplemented from QWidget:resizeEvent.Dialogs can be application modal (the default) or window modal.In order to modify your dialog's close behavior, you can reimplement the functions accept reject or done.Bong, the is just notation to indicate this is where to insert your value.quot;ng from, qt's manual : A modal dialog is a dialog that blocks input to other visible windows in the same application.Virtual slot void QDialog:accept Hides the modal dialog and sets the result code to Accepted.This is the cheap and easy way of making your close or cancel button work.Reply With" 28th August 2010, 00:17 #2, re: How to close a QDialog?

A dialog can be closed by calling the accept or the reject slots, and exec will return Accepted or Rejected as appropriate.
Virtual slot void QDialog:open Shows the dialog as a window modal dialog, returning immediately.