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Sage advice bonus action spells

Something spontaneous, and not something to be forced into by someone else; such is the conviction that let Alter gain this fearsome Independent Action Skill.
If you need to switch targets or go help an ally, spend your bonus action and an attack to ensare the target, then let them bleed out a mikä on paffin pelin bonukse kolikko bit while you're off dealing with more pressing issues.
Spin Kick : The monk spins about, delivering a kick his foe did not expect.Genealogy of the Holy War 's Lachesis (at least pre-promotion; after promoting she's capable of doing just about everything) and her daughter Nanna are probably the straightest examples.In txt tv lotto a party, they serve as a Defender, Face, and Striker.Passionlip's specialization is in destruction, and has a greater destructive power than BB when it comes to stationary targets.There's also 'Injun Joe' Listens-To-Wind, member of the Senior Council and all-round Cool Old Guy (born in the early 1800's who still goes back to medical school every few years to keep his knowledge up-to-date.Marle, from Chrono Trigger, has the most and strongest healing spells in the group, but also learns a decent set of ice-based spells and techs.Mass Regenerate best mass healing spell in the game!

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16th 16/11/6/ Ki Power, Ki Strike ( adamantine ) 2d8 4.
Spells 1st-Level Spells Bless PHB : If you don't have something else on which to use your Concentration, use Bless.
You can read more about legendary Earthquake DC's here.It has been changed to instead provide 1 stacking PRR per druid level, up to 20 PRR, making it very useful through endgame.The Dragon Fear racial feat works great for Paladins, especially Conquest Paladins once they pick up Aura of Conquest.Faction Agent scag : Insight, plus the mental skill of your choice allows you to pick up Deception or Intimidation, and you get two languages.Also more offensive orientated characters learnt heal spells or got special equipment to allow healing.

You could also have a magic/craftsman, but don't expect them to be great at any one job.