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Star loot bonus coc

I 280,000 Gold/Elixir and 1400 Dark Elixir.
II platinum casino poker 360,000 Gold/Elixir and 1800 Dark Elixir.
Masters, iII 240,000 Gold/Elixir and 1200 Dark Elixir.I 340,000 Gold/Elixir and 1700 Dark Elixir.382 23 comments, ideas Recolor the sides of the Lvl9 Wizard Tower to give continuity between levels, as it doesnt make sense that the TH11 color theme is on the TH10 Wizard Tower.ASK Why is gemming more expensive in builder base?After getting 5 stars the Daily Star Bonus is directly transferred into the treasury which can be found and collected through Clan Castle.I 220,000 Gold/Elixir and 1100 Dark Elixir.Silver III 80,000 80,000, silver II 90,000 90,000, silver I 100,000 100,000, gold III 120,000 120,000 200, gold II 140,000 140,000 400, gold I 160,000 160,000 600, crystal III 180,000 180,000 800.

II 320,000 Gold/Elixir and 1600 Dark Elixir.
After every 24 hours whenever you acquires the 5 stars from the multiplayer raids, a 3-star attack will give you 3 stars a 2 stars attack will yield you 2 stars and 1 1, the equation is simple as that.
Also, the Loot Cart cant be a stolen from any player.
Legend 360,000 Gold/Elixir and 1800 Dark Elixir.Silver, iII 40,000 Gold/Elixir.Well, korttipelit kahdelle after every attack on you, you will get a handsome amount of compensation.The treasury also has its own limit so make sure to collect it before the treasury goes full.What is actually the Clash of Clans Loot Cart?

III 360,000 Gold/Elixir and 1800 Dark Elixir.
A max of 20 is recovered by the cart.
149 22 comments, mISC trader cycle updated including clock tower potion.