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Station casino bad beat jackpot

Schreter expressed feelings of empathy for his opponent in the hand, Shamir.
Thus, the Gaming Control Board reaffirmed its decision last week.
As the minimum BBJ requirement at most rooms nationwide is getting quads beat, and often even starting at quad eights just to make it harder, Station's requirements compared to other bad beat jackpots nationwide are on the "easy" end of the spectrum.Except Red Rock and Stations management appealed the NGCs findings, for a reason which somehow went unreported in the.Its hard to believe that our first day back we encountered another confrontation and were treated so poorly, she said.Olliges took up the investigation again and again saw no reason that Stations should not award the jackpot.There are many rules in card rooms to protect against things like collusion, in place for the protection of all players.Playing Texas Hold em, Lindner was dealt a king and an ace and discovered she had a high hand with a full house, kings full of aces, after three community cards were revealed.This is consistent 3 card texas holdem with Tournament Directors Association rule.

12 and explained that after the river card came out, Schreter tabled his two hole cards "before the dealer asked for a show of hands." That wording still keeps the situation a bit cloudy, but it sounds like Schreter violated the standard poker rule.
Winning the bad beat jackpot is an exciting prospect, and while the majority of players will go all their years at the tables without being on the giving or receiving end of the big one, most will be in the room when one hits,.
Wsop Main Event, kicking off the next day.
The answer can only be what was surmised above: The BBJ amount had swollen well beyond its normal range, and it was helping drive additional traffic to tables all across the Stations chain.
During the hearing, Semenza walked the audience through the surveillance footage of the hand and when the final river card came out, explained Schreter clearly tossed his cards face up on the table after the river card was dealt, but before the dealer asked for.The Breach One can see how this could be considered a form of collusion.The point Semenza was making was that Schreter intentionally exposed his cards before action was complete on the river, meaning both players still had to act because they still had chips left behind.Such rules are necessary to uphold the integrity of the game.In a way it's ironic, because Schreter was not at all concerned with getting the rest of his opponent's chips into the pot that he was undoubtedly going to win, holding the high end of the straight flush for the ultimate "nuts." But his action.As is customary, when the jackpot hand went down, a sign lights up at all Station poker rooms so players eligible for the room share of the pot can be recorded and paid out if the jackpot is verified.There can also be a disconnect between what it takes to crack the jackpot and how much it actually contains.

The player-funded bad-beat jackpot had always been ready for payment pending the GCBs decision, said Lori Nelson of Station.