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Subtlety rogue best trinkets

Barlag is just the delay of wrap poker the system swapping your stealth/dance bar for the regular bar.
Most of the enchants below have similar enchants available, of lesser value, for less cash.
It does break stealth.
All enchants with Hit or Expertise have been removed or changed.Pick your starting point and the guide will show you where to go and what.Enhanced Stealth Do slightly more damage for a few seconds after exiting stealth.Sub rogues need to use daggers in order to use Backstab in their rotation and the preferred weapon speed type.8 in the main hand and.4 in the off hand.Dont blow all your energy If you sit on a person and spam your main strike, you wont have enough energy for legitimate burst.Get em off the Auction House or from someone with Inscription. .Enchanting All of those nice enchants.The gems themselves are actually available.Warlords note: The stats squish.

For example, using some trinkets will break stealth, so you should place them after the attacks in your macros.
Each can provide raid level gear that you can wear.
Deepening Shadows (42, Passive) Your finishers reduced the cooldown of Shadowdance.The order of commands can be important.We suggest the Blacksmithing dagger and any two of the Leatherworking Head, Chest, or Legs.If you want to engage PvP with someone out in the world and your gear is 100 item levels better than his, then for the PvP its effectively only 10 ilevels better.Glyph of Smoke Bomb, for those times when you need that extra 2 second duration on your Smoke Bomb.In Warlords enchants adding secondary stats (crit, multistrike, etc.) are available and you will be able to add them to rings, cloaks, neck pieces, and your weapons.They are all prismatic, meaning they fit into any socket.Glyph of Elusiveness for more evasions.Might of the Mountain : Critical strike bonus damage and healing increased.Using CS Rupture: Premed Slice and Dice (if you need it) Cheap Shot Rupture Dance Ambush to 5 CP Eviscerate.