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Tournament hands poker tracker

to import.
From there you can select the site(s stake(s date(s and game(s) poker pocket hands ranking sessions that you wish to purge.
Once you've made all your selections, push.You can select multiple tournaments by shift-clicking or control-clicking, or click the.The, advanced tab allows you to purge hand histories based upon a wide variety of criterion. If you wish to only delete the observed hands from your selections, just tick.If the hand history files are left in the original hand history folder then they will have to be full tilt poker shirts for sale re-read every time Auto Import is started. To change where the files are moved to click the.Observed Only in the bottom left corner.This can take quite a while, especially as the number of old files builds.See the, tutorial - Preventing Duplicates for more information.

To open the Tournament Results window either right-click the selected tournament(s) and choose.
For larger databases this process can be lengthy, but please allow PT4 to fully finish for optimal results.
Once you have selected the tournament(s) that you wish to export, push.
Edit Tournament or click the, edit Tournament Results button in the sidebar when viewing the Results page.
The files are only moved when Auto Import is stopped.If you see the Duplicates count increase when you start Auto Import then you should make sure this option is enabled and let it run until all the counts stop increasing then stop it and the processed files should be moved.Export Hands, tell PokerTracker 4 where you wish to export your tournament hand histories, and then push. It is also recommended to enable both "Separate by Site" and "Separate by Date as they will organize your hand histories within the processed hands folder for easy retrieval.Purge Sessions, confirm it, and then let PokerTracker 4 finish.

 To select multiple tournaments, simply click the top tournament, scroll down to the bottom, hold the control key, and then click the bottom tournament.
 First select Cash Games or Tournaments from the upper right corner.
For these, or any which are detected incorrectly, you can update the information manually using the.