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Unholy dk best in slot 3 3 5

unholy dk best in slot 3 3 5

Back to the top glyphs Majors: Glyph of Plague Strike This one is just a must.
Talent build, for link, click here.
Blood Death Knights are highly reliant on self-healing.
Orcs are one of the better Horde races, for their BloodFury cooldown and stun resistance.For your crafts you will get a quest that will award you with a similar scroll and a number of recipes.If you do not have a mouseover target then it will work on your primary target.Weapons and Presences Rune of the Fallen Crusader procs add to all damage done, including diseases, if theyre applied during the proc.This is a serious spell.Bracer: Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault Enchanting level 430.Otherwise: take two gathering skills and level the profession skills later.Your stat priorities are as follows (from m Strength Multistrike Mastery Critical Strike Versatility Haste.Also thanks to m and last to Jame of m for making it possible to write guides here.

Tailoring and Leatherworking are pretty useless for you.
Mastery increases all of your Frost damage.
Your Priority List (Rotation) Diseases Your diseases are always a high priority as any death knight spec.
About Our Author, this guide has been reviewed and approved.This proc is huge when combined with pillar of frost and your other strength procs and its often worth waiting for this proc before bursting.Show all entries - show only 10 entries.Because of that keep an eye elisabeth slotte on your ghoul.Used for AoE kill.Change Spell Name to the ability you want to use, such as Strangulate.#showtooltip Strangulate /cast nomodifier Strangulate /cast targetfocus, mod:shift Strangulate Arena targeting: Assign one of these to each arena number (1-2, 1-3, or 1-5) and it will zap that opponent without losing your current target.After doing this rotation, all your runes are on cooldown.Feel free to ask if youre confused or care to offer other comments or suggestions.