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What's the logic behind talking in poker all in

what's the logic behind talking in poker all in

In reality, good players were overbetting me with bluffs, but master classics of poker 2018 schedule because casino big wins 2018 my heuristic was so entrenched, it took me some time to realize this and discard.
Most of the learning that we do in poker has little to do with the chess match.
But narrative theory is always different.Dont be left behind, or worse still kicked out, because your f-bombs are uncontrollable!getting coaching and watching videos guides us toward constructing good poker narratives in much the same way.Then we will begin to trace the boundaries of poker language, establish the difference between narrative and discrete poker logic, and lastly, deconstruct the way that poker arguments work in the real world.Narrative theory is, in a way, much more interesting and organic than discrete theory.The Compromise I think it's clear that players have no way of feeling safe saying anything during a hand, so the way the current rule is written, it is precisely a NO talking rule.Feels like you are getting greedy here man.To my surprise, I kept getting different answers from anyone on the best way to play iton the flop, one of the earliest streets, it baffled me that there could be so much disagreement!On the radio show I absolutely lost it!Freitez turned over his boat and scooped the pot.He didn't flinch, looked completely comfortable, and even smirked a bit.The best option is to completely eliminate this rule, but I'd accept a compromise that would still make it a penalty to disclose the contents of your hand in some cases, but not in others.

And yet, few acknowledge its role in shaping our approach to poker.
Human beings are only boundedly rational.
It finally dawned on him that I had AQ and he was in trouble.
If you had Aces, you wouldn't be racing, so now your opponent knows (if you are telling the truth) that you don't have aces.
So any engagement with poker theory will almost always be processed through our conscious brain.This is pure collusion.During the 2007 wsop Main Event, Hevad Khan made it to the final table, but his celebrations when he won a hand led to a new rule being introduced the following year.This is because with most other hands, even strong hands like JJ and AK, players are pretty ambivalent.There is also some discrete theory involved, especially as your game improves to a high level.

If two players were colluding, they wouldn't bet all in and then say, "Fold your hand man I have the nuts." If the two players were colluding, they just wouldn't bet.
Over 99 of table talk is completely unrelated to collusion, which appears to be the one and only reason that the TDA added this rule.