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Wow bonus roll macro

It generates Energy and allows you to close in on enemies.
Hardiness on the other hand is a useful partial counter to any class that uses stuns.
Target a location, toss the hook, and get pulled to that spot.
This increases your normal attack speed, not your special attacks, so its an overall damage increase.
Quick Draw Those free uses of your Pistol Shot, generated from your Saber Slash, will now do more damage and generate an extra.Roll the Bones to spend your Combo Points and maintain your buffs.You can force this timing by using this macro: Because of this interaction, you cannot use a cancelaura macro to willingly stop your buff.Rolling a rogue is the discovery of an entirely different world than that experienced by any other class save druid, the world of stealth, mystery, and most importantly, awesome PvE and PvP. .Vendetta (72) when you really want to murder someone.Precise Tinkers Gear : 38 Haste Fractured Tinkers Gear : 38 Mastery Enchants for how to play tag leakbuster poker Rogues If you want to buy the best enchants, fund all of your alts, donate to the guild, etc., but dont have the cash, then see what the Tycoon Addon can.Dirty Tricks your Blind, Cheap Shot, and Sap no longer cost energy.Talent Descriptions, Subtlety Row 1, level 15 Master of Subtlety Attacks made whil you are stealthy, and for 6 seconds after breaking stealth, do 10 more damage.Draenor engineering is easier, faster, and lets you make rockets, shields, and other useful items.Not even in Warlords of Draenor or Legion.With the Vigor talent youll have enough energy to do good work.

Stam if you need it, especially when leveling.
If Fists of Fury is not available in the first 2-3 seconds of Serenity, you will delay it until Serenity ends: Serenity Rising Sun Kick Blackout Kick Spinning full tilt poker eu support Crane Kick Blackout Kick Rising Sun Kick Blackout Kick Tiger Palm Blackout Kick Rising Sun Kick Blackout.
Roll and Transcendence for Windwalker Monks.6.1.
Does more than the base Backstab and less than the Backstab from behind.
Stealth (5) You sneaky thing you.Next up, Diplomacy offers another 10 bonus, however this time its to faction/reputation gains, and with the entirety of the game being one massive faction grind it cant hurt to have.Row 6, level 90 Premeditation Your Cheap Shot and Shadowstrike generate an additional.Ideally you want to mark the lowest health enemy so you can quickly kill it and reset the cooldown, if you are fighting more than one enemy.All the gems are (Stat) Taledites and go from regular to greater to immaculate.Warlords note : All racials dealing with either Hit or Expertise are dead.If youre looking for more detailed info on any particular spec, whether leveling or PvE or PvP, then see the links in the contents section, just below.Wound Some instant damage and suppresses heals on the target.(We dont need no stinkin brains!) We have no mana pools and no other skills or abilities that relate to Int in any way.

Obviously this is best if youre continuously attacking.
Nice for long fights.